We’ve got it!

We utilize an advanced WiFi marketing and monetization system that turns your existing WiFi into a 24 hour, 7 days a week marketing machine! All on auto-pilot and at cost that is less than traditional advertising.

Make your FREE WiFi 10X better…with our industry changing system, your marketing will be EASY, SIMPLE, AND MORE EFFECTIVE.

Generate Leads With Our Social Powered Wi-Fi Solution!

wifi marketing

What can WIFIRE do for you?

Are you offering free WiFi? Are you using your WiFi to promote your business?

Click the icon above to learn how to properly utilize your WiFi as a marketing device!

What We Can Do For You!

  • Lead Generation: Turn your Free Wi-Fi into and automated lead generating machine.
  • Design Customize Landing: That reflects your business, brand and customer
  • Bandwidth Controls: Set the limit on the amount of bandwidth used
  • In-Depth Analytics: Learn about your customers and frequency of visits
  • Loyalty Rewards: Give your loyal customers rewards at log in

Wi-Fi Marketing

With the ‘Rise of the Smartphone’, consumers want to stay connected at all times. Providing free Wi-Fi will generate real leads, build your email list, increase customer loyalty and engagement as well as improve your social media presence.

We make it easy!

Use your custom branded log in page to cater to your consumers, all while retargeting clients online after they leave your business. Offer free Wi-Fi in exchange for connecting with Social Media. Run social powered Wi-Fi promotions as well as a sponsorship opportunities for your business.